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or over 35 years, Life Extension has been providing the expertise, services and supplements to help people live better, healthier lives. Their scientific approach to improved nutrition is a core company value. With their unique, comprehensive system - consisting of the highest quality products and life-enhancing information - Life Extension is not your average nutritional supplement store; they’re your partners for a prolonged lifetime of excellent health.

Quality. Purity. Potency. These are the backbone of the Life Extension ethos, with quality control standards that have been awarded Good Manufacturing Practice status from the National Sanitation Foundation. Ingredients matter - that’s why Life Extension is dedicated to sourcing only the purest raw materials and never chooses their ingredients based on cost. When it comes to your health, why should you settle for less than the highest nutritional potency?

Life Extension’s belief in basing their formulas off the latest, clinically validated research has resulted in the creation of over 350 benchmark supplements supporting weight loss, skin health, brain and heart function, sexual health and much, much more. Their unmatched experience in the industry and commitment to using only the highest quality ingredients means you’ll be taking advantage of unique formulations found nowhere else in the lifestyle market.

Life Extension’s dedication to a better lifestyle is limitless; you can stay up to date with the latest, cutting-edge health information in their monthly “Life Extension Magazine” -available through the website - and even receive free access to their expert team of wellness specialists who can answer your health-related queries, 365 days a year.



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