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LuckyVitamin is a dynamic online health food and supplement store commited to spreading wellness, vitality and a sense of community. Based in Pennsylvania, U.S.A, they are one of the health industry’s leading retailers, providing over a thousand brand name products to customers around the globe.


Few of the health and wellness retailers around worldwide can boast the amount of experience accumulated by LuckyVitamin. Their extensive knowledge and steadfast dedication to a better lifestyle spans over three generations of the Wolf family, and the company’s roots can be traced back to 1956, with the opening of Ed “Pop Pop” Wolf’s neighborhood pharmacy. Management was handed down to Ed’s son, Gary, who completed his Pharmacy degree in 1977. Ultimately, Gary and his wife, Vicky, felt frustrated with the pharmaceutical industry. Still determined to serve their local community, the Wolfs opened a family-focused nutrition store and wellness center. LuckyVitamin was officially founded in 2005 when Sam Wolf graduated college and wanted to share his family’s business with the world. By bringing the company online, they could offer more than 7000 vitamins and supplements to the United States.


After expanding into food & sports nutrition, skincare & beauty, and natural home goods, LuckyVitamin now offer over 30,000 products worldwide. Alongside their panel of medical professionals providing expert health advice, LuckyVitamin is now an international movement, spreading wellness to everyone who comes across them. LuckyVitamin is genuinely dedicated to being a supportive, inspirational source of knowledge and products to guide everyone on their journey to a wholesome life.