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Trying to Build Your Ideal Body? Muscle & Strength Have the Tools.


As one of the fastest growing and highest trafficked online supplement stores in the USA, is quickly becoming one of the most respected educational fitness websites in the world.


About Muscle & Strength


Founded in 2006 by Damien Mase, Muscle & Strength began as a fitness hobby website designed to help people reach their fat loss and muscle building goals through free, original content. Thanks to the success of the site’s unique articles, dedicated workout plans, and fitness community forum, Mase moved Muscle & Strength’s headquarters from Australia to the United States in 2009, to launch a dedicated online supplement store and to grow the company’s offering of free content. Over a decade later, is a world leader in sports nutritional supplements and fitness information.


 Why Muscle & Strength?


The Muscle & Strength store now boasts a range of over 8000 products at an incredible value, with huge savings on premium products, daily giveaways, over 500 monthly discounts on top nutrition brands and even free samples with every order. When you’re looking to lose fat, build muscle or to stay motivated, their free content now includes tens of thousands of expert guides, articles, videos, and dietary plans and their 500,000+ subscriber newsletter means you’ll never miss out on the latest news. They’ll also ship internationally, so wherever you are in the world, can provide you with the tools to build your ideal body.