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According to Nucific, your body should work the way it was designed to: at peak physical performance. They believe you should only enhance your diet with pure, essential nutrients and supplements; that’s why they take their products as seriously as your health. Nucific offer a range of potent, effective dietary supplements - from digestive support and weight management to joint and bone strengthening - that contain only the purest ingredients and are guaranteed to be free from antibiotics, preservatives, colorings and synthetics fillers. Using cutting-edge scientific research to develop and test new formulas, Nucific is able to provide experience and products that others can’t beat.


About Nucific

Unlike many other suppliers of dietary supplements, Nucific was created by a certified medical professional, Dr. Amy Lee. With certifications in internal medicine, bariatrics, clinical nutrition and obesity medicine, Dr. Lee has always practiced with an emphasis on diet, wellness and weight management. With her years of experience in the field, Dr. Lee created Nucific so she could share her knowledge about realistic lifestyle modification with people wishing to enhance their vitality all over the world. You can always count on the expertise of the Nucific Team: along with their online store, visit their blog at and see the vast amount of insightful information they offer to help you live a healthy life. Whether it’s tips for healthier eating and losing weight, tasty and nutritious recipes or effective exercise routines, their helpful website has it all.