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Are you ready to reach Total Human Optimization?


When it comes to clinically proven supplements, Onnit is a true industry leader. Their mission is to allow others to reach their maximum physical and mental potential through a combination of unique, high-quality products and the latest scientific research. By fusing naturally-grown nutrients, cutting-edge science and tried-and-tested methods from top medical professionals and elite athletes, Onnit are succeeding in giving customers the tools they need to achieve an advanced level of well-being; also known as Total Human Optimization.


Who is Onnit?

Onnit was the dream of Aubrey Marcus - a University of Richmond graduate and lifelong athlete - who wished to develop a brand dedicated to Total Human Optimization. After founding the company in 2010, Marcus spent over a year applying dedicated medical and scientific research in pursuit of his first, game-changing product. In July 2011, Onnit debuted Alpha BRAIN: their flagship cognitive enhancement supplement. Over the past seven years, Onnit have strived to innovate new products and now also offer a range of nutrient-packed foods and high-end fitness equipment to optimize your body and mind.


Why Onnit?

Onnit’s impeccable standards of quality, ingredient sources and customer service mean they are now the go-to supplier of supplements for professional and amateur athletes across the globe. Before they hit the stores, Onnit’s products are put through rigorous clinical testing to ensure they’re the best supplements money can buy. With their website - - now delivering to dozens of countries worldwide, you too can start your journey towards Total Human Optimization.