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Swanson Vitamins is one of America’s largest and most beloved natural health retailers, providing a variety of wellness products to its loyal customers since 1969. Their mission is simple: to share only the purest and most potent supplements directly with others, at an excellent value. In their stores, and online, you can find a massive range of the highest quality dietary supplements, health foods, vitamins, minerals and natural personal care products.

Swanson Vitamins was founded in 1969 in Fargo, North Dakota, when self-taught natural wellness enthusiast, Leland Swanson Sr., decided to follow in the footsteps of the nutraceutical health pioneers whom he had admired for years. His commitment to health research and a life of vitality became something he wished to pass on directly to others and so, when Swanson first started distributing Vitamin E tablets by mail, the company was born. In 1980, Swanson Vitamins grew out of its downtown Fargo storefront and upgraded to a larger facility to manage its manufacturing and shipping operations. By the 1990s, the creation of allowed the business to reach customers all over America with ease and today, almost 50 years later, they have distribution centers across the whole of the United States.

Swanson Vitamins is committed to the highest levels of quality, integrity and social responsibility. With over 26,000 products and more than 20 Swanson-branded ranges covering the full spectrum of natural health, visit today and see for yourself why they’ve been voted America’s #1 internet merchant four years in a row.


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