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The Vitamin Shoppe

Your body matters. That’s why The Vitamin Shoppe has everything you need to be nourished and inspired every day.

The Vitamin Shoppe is a specialty retailer and manufacturer of a vast selection of nutritional products, including dietary supplements, vitamins and minerals, homeopathic remedies, sports nutrition formulas, and health and beauty aids. For the 150 million Americans who take a dietary supplement daily, The Vitamin Shoppe is the first and only choice.

About The Vitamin Shoppe

Founded in 1977 by Jeffrey Horowitz as a nutritional retail shop in Manhattan,N.Y., The Vitamin Shoppe’s early success and unbeatable prices lead to an increase of 9 locations within a decade. By 1998, the store was offering over 17,000 products across its 39 stores and through their extremely popular catalog, and the decision to to launch was made. Today, The Vitamin Shoppe operates 700 branches in the United States and, through their exceptional online web-store, ships products to their dedicated customers all over the world.

Why Choose The Vitamin Shoppe?

At you can choose from over 400 of the most trusted brands in Health & Wellness, Personal Care, Sports Nutrition and Weight Management. Whether you’re focusing on recovery, improvement or general wellness, you can find exactly what your body needs and, with the addition of the What’s Good blog - filled with informative nutritional guides, tasty recipes and the latest news on health trends - there’s never been more support available to help you reach your goals.


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